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How can Kung Fu benefit my life?

Kung Fu combines self defense, physical fitness, mental acuity, and traditional Chinese culture. Our association also promotes family values, good health, and general well-being amongst all its members. Learn more about the benefits of Kung Fu for families and individuals of all ages.

What style do you teach?

Our core system is the Hung Gar or Hung Family system, also called Tiger/Crane style. This style is rooted in China’s legendary Shao Lin (Siu Lum) Monastery.

Hung Gar is based on five animals (Tiger, Crane, Leopard, Dragon, Snake), five elements (Metal, Earth, Fire, Wood, Water), and twelve Bridge Hands (methods of intercepting an opponent’s attack). We also practice a secondary system called Choy Li Fut.

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Both the HUNG GAR and CHOY LI FUT systems of Kung Fu are inspired by the movements and fighting spirit of five animals - the Tiger, Crane, Leopard, Dragon and Snake.

Five Forms Fist
Tiger:  The tiger is a fierce, powerful and brave animal. It is believed that tiger movements help to strengthen your ligaments and bones.  Open hand techniques are patterned after the way a tiger uses its claws. Tiger claws are directed to the face, jaw, throat and groin; but making contact with any part of the body can be effective. Once the claw touches the opponent’s skin, it can be used to grab, pull, rip and tear.
Crane:  Like a bird standing on one leg for long periods of time, crane movements develop concentration, patience and balance. The crane’s foot is imitated when lifting the knee and leg to kick. Other tactics include open wing blocks & counters, beak strikes (clenched fingertips), and crane head (bent-wrist) attacks.
Leopard:  The leopard is known for its speed. Leopard tactics use paw-like fore knuckle strikes executed in a flurry. The leopard develops body momentum and speed.
Dragon:  Unlike the other four real life animals, the dragon is a supernatural serpent from Chinese mythology. Dragon techniques use twisting body movements combined with open palms (claws) or back fists (tail).  The dragon idea is also used to cultivate energy while strengthening the internal organs for health. This is accomplished through peculiar body twisting and making sounds to take the place of breathing.
Snake:  Snake techniques use fingertip strikes against soft targets such as the throat and eyes. Speed, multiple attacks, and a hand position like the curled body of a cobra characterize the snake. Snake techniques rely on the use of speed rather than strength, correct footwork, body positioning and being able to adapt to the opponent.
Do you have a rank system?

No, our school does not have a rank or colored belt system. No exams or rank fees are required to advance.

Our program consists of traditional form training. The first 18 sets (out of 40) are divided into three phases. Each phase consists of 6 sets which takes about a year to complete. Training consists of open hand forms, partner sparring forms, traditional weaponry (using safe practice weapons) and practicing self-defense techniques with a partner.

What other classes do you offer?

We offer optional classes in grappling, semi-contact sparring, padded weapons sparring, street defense, ground fighting, and lion dancing. These classes, held at our Main Studio, are open to teen and adult students from all branches at no additional cost. Our lion dance class is open to men, women, teens and children over 7.

How often will I train?

Branch locations hold classes two evenings a week. Our Main Studio in Kalihi offers a more flexible schedule - morning, evening, and weekend classes. Students may train in any class at or below their level.

Do I need a uniform?

Beginners may train with ordinary street wear. Our uniform consists of black pants and a school T-shirt.

I'm interested. How do I get started?

See what our school is like by taking a FREE trial lesson. There is no obligation. Membership dues thereafter range from $70 to $95 per month. There is a one time initiation fee of $55. Family discounts are offered at all Siu Lum Pai locations. There are no long term obligations or contracts to sign.

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