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Children from ages 5 to 12 can benefit from Kung Fu because it not only teaches them self-defense, but develops important mental, social, emotional and behavioral skills such as:

  • Memorization
  • Concentration
  • Critical thinking
  • Self discipline
  • Confidence
  • Self-esteem
  • Perseverance
  • Respect for others
  • Lifelong healthy living habits

The positive skills young children develop through Kung Fu training can then carry over into other pursuits in their lives and lead to effective study and work habits that will follow them throughout their life as they grow up and advance through their schooling and enter their careers as adults.

Traditional Kung Fu training is ideal for the non-athletic type.  There are many who do not care for team sports.  Some may have self confidence problems because they are small, uncoordinated, shy, or afraid of being pushed around. Pressure to perform well can lead to even greater loss of self esteem.

The advantage of Kung Fu instruction is that it can be individualized.  It can help a child develop confidence without worrying about winning.  Kung Fu training also exposes them to Chinese culture, as they study the art of self defense.


For hardworking high school and college students, Kung Fu offers tremendous practical benefits.  Members within this age group find that their Kung Fu training provides a great complement to their academic studies.

Busy students with little time or inclination for gym memberships find Kung Fu training provides an excellent workout to help them keep in shape.

Many student members also find that practicing and training in Kung Fu forms helps to improve their memorization skills and recognize patterns which can be helpful in school where you need to memorize lots of material for subjects such as history, math or science.

Finally, training with kicking pads or focus mitts is an excellent form of stress relief which student members find invaluable to help unwind after a long day in class or during stressful times such as mid-terms or finals.


For busy adults Kung Fu training possesses enormous practical benefits.  Most of our members at this age level usually identify these three major benefits:  practical self-defense skills, exercise for health and fitness, and stress relief.

When it comes to personal safety, your focus should always be on preventative measures and awareness of your environment.  Most people however wait until something happens before they think about studying self defense.

Having martial art skills is a complement to your life.  It’s something you hope you never have to use, but if necessary, gives you the confidence and ability to protect yourself. As you develop your defensive skills, you can also keep fit and improve your health.

In 2001, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommended 60 minutes of moderate intensity activity daily.  Kung Fu training more than meets this recommended activity level requirement.

The challenge is finding an exercise that you will not get bored with.  Kung Fu with its many activities can help solve this problem. In today's society with its many responsibilities and demands, the stresses of life can take its demands physically, mentally and emotionally.  Kung Fu training is an excellent outlet for stress relief.  Whether you are hitting focus mitts, kicking pads and/or working your way through a form, kung fu training is a positive outlet to let away the stress of the day, and rejuvenate and strengthen the mind, body and spirit.

Read this Inside Kung Fu magazine article about how Kung Fu benefitted a member of the rock band Godhead.

Older Adults

This is the age when one’s motivation to do Kung Fu might start to get a bit more mature. If you’ve ever thought about learning Kung Fu but never quite got around to it, give form training a try.  In their “Go Workout” campaign for better health, HMSA lists the following benefits of regular exercise:

  • Reduces risk of heart disease
  • Reduces risk of developing diabetes
  • Reduces risk of stroke
  • Reduces depression and anxiety
  • Increases good cholesterol
  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • Helps maintain healthy body weight
  • Increases bone density (reduces risk of osteoporosis)
  • Develops healthy muscles and joints

Regular exercise helps older adults become stronger, helps them move about better without falling, increases heart and lung efficiency, promotes psychological well-being, helps prevent memory loss, and keeps their minds sharp and agile.

Through the benefits of form training and Chi Kung, older adults can take an active role in preserving their health as they age.  They can improve their balance, flexibility, and maintain good bone density, all problems that plague inactive adults.  By maintaining good health as they grow older, they will be able to enjoy a better quality of life.


In today's society where many families are unable to find quality family time due to conflicting work, school, and activity schedules, taking Kung Fu lessons is a positive activity that the whole family can enjoy together.  Our Kung Fu Association promotes an atmosphere of healthy living, bonding, and family values amongst all our members.

Kung Fu combines self-defense, physical fitness & Chinese culture. Many of our members are children, parents, and grandparents who make Kung Fu training a family activity that they can all benefit from.  Our Siu Lum Pai members range in age from 5 to 80+.

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